Haute Ecole Bruxelles-Brabant (HE2B)

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Bruxelles, Belgium

Studying at HE2B, Haute Ecole Bruxelles-Brabant is the guarantee that:

-You benefit from quality higher education allowing students to start in a fulfilling professional life and giving older persons the opportunity to back to school and enhance their knowledge.
-You live in a wide and welcoming environment based on democratic and humanistic values and on the principle of neutrality as well.
-You take part in the institutional life by developing innovative projects that meet the challenges of our society, now and tomorrow.
-You will be accompanied and supported all along the Curriculum, beyond difficulties and differences, in a school ensuring success.

HE2B is a school proposing a real positive dynamics to allow everyone to aim for excellence

Bachelors, Masters, Specializations

International exchanges, internships, study and research spaces (libraries,toy library, House of Research), many services for students (housing assistance, support for success, assistance to students with specific needs, support to
sporty students, social service...)


With more than 80 partnerships, the HE2B is providing students exchanges all over the world.

At HE2B we believe that cultural exchanges are a great way to expand horizons, learn new langages and find a place in a changing world.
Students from abroad are accompagnied during their stay in Belgium by local teachers and the International Office where they can find counseling, administrative support, French lessons...