University of Sao Paolo

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Sao Paolo, Brazil

University of São Paulo is one of the largest and most important institutions of higher education and research in Brazil and Latin America. Founded in 1934, USP is a public state institution (it does not charge tuition fees) and has campi placed in eight cities spread throughout the state of São Paulo. With education and research activities in all academic fields, USP offers 183 undergraduate programs, 269 graduate programs (both Master’s and Doctoral (PhD) degrees) and 984 extracurricular programs. In total, there are about 90 thousand students enrolled in 48 Schools (faculties and institutes) which make up USP.
USP’s scientific productivity totals an average of over 25 thousand publications per year, including indexed scientific journals, books, reports etc. This represents a significant proportion of the country’s output. The university is also concerned with the application of discoveries made by its research centers and laboratories, as well as with the effective transfer of these findings to society in general. For this reason, many members of the USP community are in permanent partnership with industries, companies, offices and health centers specialized in the development of projects and products and in the practical application of new technologies and products. The university also plays an important role in South America, since it attracts many students, professors and technicians from the neighboring countries and from all parts of the world.