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Tampere, Finland

The city of Tampere with its 230 000 inhabitants is the third largest city in Finland and the largest inland city in the Nordic countries. In Tampere every sixth resident is a student which contributes to the relaxed and vibrant atmosphere of the city. It’s also visible in good student housing facilities, a plethora of student events, and discounts for students in shops and services around the city.

Our students love the fact that they can enjoy a bit of city life with plenty of cultural events and simultaneously make use of Tampere's unique opportunities for outdoor adventures and great connections to Lapland, Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn and Saint-Petersburg.

Tampere University offers quality tuition-free exchange studies to exchange students from around the world. While Finland’s high quality of life goes hand-in-hand with a higher cost of living, the cost of living in Tampere are not that high as in the Helsinki region and is compensated for by student card benefits such as affordable buffet lunches at the university (2,60-3,06 €), quality health care close by, efficient public transport, affordable student housing and ready access to the natural environment. The library services and all course books are always free of charge and you have a 24/7 access to many university and library premises.

Tampere University is one of the most multidisciplinary universities in Finland.