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FULDA, Germany

Fulda University of Applied Sciences has eight academic departments offering around 60 Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. The choice is extensive and ranges from engineering, technology, computer science, business and law to nutrition, health, society and culture. In addition to traditional subjects such as business administration or electrical engineering, we also offer innovative courses including Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences, International Health Sciences or Renewable Energy. Fulda University is a university of applied sciences. This means that our study programmes are not just about theory, they also have a strong practical focus. This is reflected, for example, in close ties between the University and regional organisations and businesses where students complete internships and final theses. Where better for technicians, natural scientists or engineers to apply their acquired knowledge than at workplaces common to their profession? Fortunately, Fulda University has a large range of so-called “laboratories” for authentic testing, real-world research and repeated application. The audio/video lab, NetLab, renewable energy lab, raw materials science lab, microbiology lab and the skills labs simulate real working conditions and help students acquire the skills they will need in their future professions.