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Manchester, Great Britain

The University of Manchester is a highly-ranked, research-intensive university located in the North West of England. Many historic ‘firsts’ happened at the University – Ernest Rutherford conducted his pioneering research leading to the splitting of the atom, and the first computer was invented on the campus. More than 40,000 students study at the urban campus – around 1,000 of whom are Study Abroad/Exchange students.

Comprehensive support services are in place for Study Abroad/Exchange students, including a free airport collection service (Sept only); an Orientation/Welcome Programme (September and January); a ‘ResLife’ staff team who live in residences to provide pastoral/welfare support; an International Society; a Global Friends Mentor Scheme; Student Union/Athletics Union; Disability Advisory Support Services, Counselling and academic support.

Study Abroad/Exchange students are encouraged to live in University housing, and can opt for the location and type of residence to suit their preferences.

The City of Manchester
Manchester is the ultimate student city – more than 85,000 students live there, making it home to the largest student population in Europe. The city is famous for music (there is a significant live music scene in the city and many well-known bands hail from the city) and sport (Manchester United are one of the most famous exports). The city is very diverse, cosmopolitan, multi-cultural, lively, welcoming, tolerant and accepting.