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Akureyri, Iceland

University of Akureyri was founded in 1987 and has today 2500 students. Currently, the University offers programmes in the following subjects: social sciences, media studies, nursing, occupational therapy, teacher training (preschool and primary school), biotechnology, law, police science, modern studies, psychology, fishery studies, computer science and business administration.

Furthermore, graduate programmes are offered in the health sciences, social sciences, business administration and resource studies. As of the 2019 spring semester, UNAK became a full-fledged university with programmes at all levels of university studies when it was given permission to offer doctoral studies.

The University of Akureyri focuses on offering study programmes in a flexible learning environment. Flexible learning is student-centred learning without the requirement of a daily presence at the university campus in Akureyri. Students can study independent of their residence because assignments and delivery are through electronic form. Further info on this at:

Information for incoming exchange students is to be found at: