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Kaunas, Lithuania

Kaunas University of Applied Sciences is a state – owned institution providing higher education in the areas of technologies, social sciences, medicine, health sciences, humanities and arts.
Kaunas University of Applied Sciences actively contributes to implementing the state regional development policy -study programmes are realised in Kaunas and Taurage. All together it offers over 50 study programmes. More than 55000 students are currently studying and approximately over 600 teachers are working here.
Success of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences is based on the partnership among students, teachers and employers in the process of training specialists who acquire higher education and practical skills within shorter period, usually of three years. Close cooperation between Kaunas University of Applied Sciences and employers has positive influence on student employment in enterprises and other institutions.
One of our main focuses in the internationalisation of studies is international exchange of students and staff and attraction of foreign lecturers.Every year more than 300 students from our institution participate in the exchange programmes or other mobility activities and over 200 foreign students are coming to us.