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Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) is one of the major Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.
Currently more than 37,000 students are working at RUAS on their professional future. Annually we welcome over 500 international exchange students. We educate a diverse student population to enter professional careers, which will lead to working together with people of various cultures in an environment with an international character. RUAS is a University of Applied Sciences. This means that our approach is very practical. We prepare students directly for specific professions. This means that our education is strongly focused on professional practice and more dedicated to applied research rather than scientific research. As RUAS wants to benefit from the internationally oriented city of Rotterdam, we strongly invest in relations with professional organisations, businesses and health care institutions in Rotterdam and its surroundings. These relationships generate many student projects and internships, which make it possible for you as a student to practice your knowledge and skills in a ‘real life’ setting.