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ENSCHEDE, Netherlands

The University of Twente, a technological research university and home to 1,522 scientists and 372 laboratory facilities, offers multiple exchange opportunities. The majority of our bachelor and master programmes are taught in English. All programmes mentioned in this brochure are open to exchange students. In the chapters below, indexed on subject area, you can also find so called ‘exchange study packages’: these are block or semester opportunities for incoming exchange students

One of the University of Twente’s crown jewels is undoubtedly our campus.
A sustainable, well maintained parkland dotted with top facilities, the campus
has as many activities to offer as a small city. It’s a dynamic community to live
and work in, where around 11.000 students and 3.000 staff – representing
around 100 nationalities – use the latest knowledge and technology for a
better future.
The campus covers 146 hectares – approximately 200 football fields – where
you can find everything you need to learn, work and live. From libraries and
laboratories to fitness facilities and sports fields. You can play almost any sport
here, such as baseball, beach volleyball, archery and even muggle quidditch.