Universidad de Lima

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Lima, Peru

The Universidad de Lima is a non-profit academic institution that trains leaders and creative professionals. Autonomous citizens who are recognized for their merits and committed to the welfare of society. Their achievements are sustained on quality processes, research development and the application of innovation.
With 58 years of operation, Ulima is one of the top universities in Peru. A variety of fields are offered such as humanities, business administration , economics, social sciences and engineering; It harbors 21000 students and is part of the Compostela Group, Group of Ibero American Universities La RĂ¡bida, Columbus, UDUAL, AUIP, FELAFACS and CINDA.
In addition, since 2008, it has received international accredited as an educational entity granted by the International Institute for Quality Assurance (IAC), division of the Inter University Center for Development (CINDA), and QS Stars Ranking.
In its educational model it assumes the commitment to train professionals with full knowledge of its responsibility to the city and a consistent and coherent sustainability model, which is committed to low carbon production, the use of alternative energies, the reinforcement of degraded regions and the creation of more rational systems for waste disposal.
We will continue to improve the educational and research environment at Ulima, so that the university can maintain and improve its high standards.