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Poznañ, Poland

About AMU Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań is renowned research university and one of the best academic centres in Poland. The cornerstones of its reputation are a time-honoured tradition, the outstanding scientific achievements of its academic staff, students and graduates and an attractive curriculum.
Adam Mickiewicz University is far more than a place of education. We offer countless opportunities to follow your one’s academic passions and maximise your personal potential. Students can enrol in student research groups (more than 120 to choose from), use modern scientific equipment and explore our collections of excellently stocked university libraries. Furthermore, the University offers various forms of support, such as summer camps, summer schools, conferences, workshops, and funding under earmarked programmes.
Thanks to this professional approach, those interested in studies and research can explore their interests and have the support you need while study. Don’t wait a minute longer and join the best of the best.
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