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Santander, SPAIN, Spain

The CIESE-Comillas (International Center for Higher Spanish Studies) is a university center dedicated to teaching, research and dissemination of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. As a center affiliated with the University of Cantabria, it is authorized to offer official university degrees.
The identifying traits of the CIESE-Comillas are:
-Renowned excellence in the development of its educational offerings, teaching and research.
-A commitment to innovation and technology as basic tools to generate value in the teaching/learning process (R&D and innovation).
-The development of an extensive network of collaboration with institutions and companies in Spain and abroad, with recognized prestige in the academic and professional world.
As a result, the CIESE-Comillas academic program has ample offerings which include official undergraduate and graduate degrees, within the framework of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), as well as various general Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) courses, and Spanish courses in specific professional contexts. Its activities are primarily focused on those whose professional or academic activity is linked in some way tothe Spanish language and Hispanic culture, offering specialized training with high added value.
Why study at CIESE-Comillas?
-Educational excellence
-Always close to research
-Privileged surroundings
-A meeting place for experts