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Kayseri, Turkey

General Information for Incoming Students

Erciyes University was awarded its first Erasmus Charter in 2004 and is extended till 2020. Since our start in the Erasmus Program, we have had an increasing number of incoming students and teaching staff each year.

Generally students have to provide Erasmus requirements in their home university. Erciyes University also requires English proficiency in B1 level.
How should I make my application?
Ø Incoming students must first send their application documents to These documents may be sent by e-mail, fax or mail.

o application form

o learning agreement (2 copies)

o Curriculum Vitae

o Transcript of Records

o Copy of your passport

Ø After receiving these documents they are promptly forwarded to the related department for their approval.

Ø After the departmental Erasmus coordinator has approved the exchange, an invitation letter will be sent to the student’s International Office.