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Milledgeville, GA, USA

Georgia College (officially known as Georgia College & State University) is the official public liberal arts university of the State of Georgia.

The term “liberal arts” is derived from the Latin words for “generous/bountiful” and “skills/practices.”
Because all knowledge is inter-connected, a liberal arts education aims at providing students with not only a broad-based education, but an education that is also personalized and “hands-on.”

This approach enables students to:

Find and follow their interests and passions,
Become highly-skilled in their majors, and
Develop analytical, problem-solving and communications skills, as well as
The creativity and nimbleness to lead, to thrive and to excel - no matter what the future brings.
Located in the quiet, beautiful and historic city of Milledgeville, one of the hallmarks of Georgia College is the intentionally small size of its classes, and the caring and personal interaction between faculty and students.

Georgia College has a student body of 7,000 students, including nearly 100 international students from 26 different countries.